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CASPI Political Strategist

We are strategists, researchers, and communicators. We come from diverse backgrounds. We value diversity of thought, collaboration and the relentless pursuit of the “win.” Our culture and values play an integral role in how our firm operates and engages with clients. We are passionate about working on the issues and the politics that shape the world around us. Specifically, we understand and reach audiences. We change minds and influence public opinion. We champion issues and leaders. We advance legislative, regulatory, and political goals. We build and protect reputations especially those of our candidates. We come from political campaigns, non-profits and the media. We bring our diverse skills and experiences to bear on societal problems, big and small.

CASPI operates on several locations in the Caribbean and Africa to provide award-winning political campaign strategies, foreign policy advice to leaders in the Caribbean and Africa seeking to influence the American government.

CASPI Collaborates

Even though the firm has seasoned political consultants with decades of experience in electing politicians at every level of government, we do not shy away from collaboration, customization, and in-depth research. We have collaborated in many campaigns where we play an integral role in achieving the goal of winning. We have collaborated in many countries in the Caribbean and Africa to elect progressive leaders. 

Proven Expertise

Our experience in the Caribbean and Africa has proven that when you work with us you can win.  Our work is cutting edge as we use established technology to reach voters wherever they are.  We designed a four prongs approach to control the narrative in the media while maintaining a dedicated message that kept the world and voters focused on electing our client.