About us

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What We do

CASPI Specializes in research, strategic communications, digital strategy, grassroots organizing, marketing and branding, political campaign, business strategy with focus in Africa and the Caribbean.

Do good and do well is our motto. 

With our political consulting services, we help candidates win races at every level in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. We work with political candidates to develop a strategy that supports their platform, attract donors and increase their voting base.  We bring world-class experts in each of our service areas to develop and execute campaigns that help our clients achieve bigger and better results. We set a higher standard for whatever challenge or opportunity comes our way.

“We support and champion political candidates and businesses with a social conscience. After decades of exploitation, Africa is ready to ensure its economic independence. Our experience, contacts and knowledge give our clients a tremendous advantage in that Continent. Email us today to find out what we can do for you in "Africa”
J. Wil Morris

Political & Business Consulting

Political consulting is a form of consulting that consists primarily of advising and assisting political campaigns. Although the most important role of political consultants is arguably the development and production of mass media, consultants advise campaigns on many other activities, ranging from opposition research and voter polling to field strategy and get out the vote efforts. Whether you are a local ballot initiative or a multinational advocacy group, we can provide the strategies and services you need to succeed.

We help elect candidates for president in the Caribbean and Africa. Because each country is different in term of culture, we have designed, executed, and collaborated with campaigns big and small to elect inspiring leaders and create positive change. We are politically attuned.  

CASPI operates at the intersection of business and politics. Being in both increasingly connected worlds gives us an edge. We are results-oriented, and wining is in our DNA. Driven by our extensive experience on political campaigns, business, and crisis assignments, we measure our success through positive outcomes and client satisfactions.