our history

At CASPI, we are very selective about the clients we accept because we value quality over quantity. Our clients include big businesses, small businesses, politicians, nations, cities, states, thought-leaders  and non-profit organizations, covering over 200 industries. 

Because we operate in the intersection of business and politics our values always guide our choice of clients.  We believe that we live in an increasingly interconnected world where decisions made in Washington DC may affect the lives of millions of people who often are voiceless, so we guide our efforts on behalf of our clients based on this principle.  

Our clients benefit from a wide range of knowledgeable and experienced advisors with a combined two centuries of valuable experiences  across six generations. Our advisors range from age 27 to 79 and they have been   CEOS  and Board members of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, diplomats, politicians, lawyers, business owners, university professors, authors international financiers, social marketing strategists and community activists.  Our asset is our experience, and because we  believe experience is the best teacher our clients  benefits from learned hands. We have been there and done that, so let’s us lead you to the greater success.